13 Major Pros and Cons of the Air Force

13 Major Pros and Cons of the Air Force

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Air Force is considered one of the most significant institutions in any country. It is not just the wings of the armed forces meant for national security but it also offers several career options to innumerable people. Being in the Air Force is a matter of immense pride. The job one does is significant and it has far-reaching consequences that may not be obvious at first. However, like any other job in the military or armed forces, Air Force careers have their fair share of pros and cons.

Pros of the Air Force

1. Air Force careers offer security. Not only would an individual be paid considerably well and have all interests looked after, but the insurance too is extremely significant. Anyone working in the Air Force gets lifetime medical insurance. Not only the individual but his or her entire family is also entitled for the same lifetime medical insurance. The government pays for the same and one doesn’t even need to get embroiled in the paperwork or formalities because the administration would take care of all of that.

2. Job security is also a great advantage of joining Air Force. It doesn’t matter if there is a recession, a certain industry is falling to pieces or there are some massive policy reforms that alter the nature of a career. No matter what, a job in the Air Force is secured and one would always get paid and the benefits, unless one indulges in wrongdoing and gets dishonorably discharged from duty.

3. Air Force jobs are thrilling. One gets to use high end gadgets and weaponry. One gets to fly the best aircrafts in the world. One is in the midst of technological gifts all the time. It isn’t necessary that one has to be a pilot to get these thrills. Every department of the Air Force can be fun. The satiation level is extremely high in institutions like the Air Force.

4. The Air Force is not just about serving the country or getting a secured job, it is also about the glamour and respect that comes with it. Having a certain rank and then aspiring for higher ranks can make one’s life worthwhile. Being a decorated officer or commander can bring in a lot of satisfaction. One is respected by his immediate family relatives and neighbors. If there is substantial accomplishment in one’s career, then the whole nation comes together to respect the individual.

5. Air Force careers also imply that one gets access to the best colleges or military schools and institutes. There is no bar to how much one can learn. The best part is that the government funds all educational aspirations. One can keep studying, learning new skills and performing better, all the while not worrying about finances, insurance or any such thing that takes a toll on normal people.

6. Air Force jobs allow one to travel. One can go around the world and live a jet setting lifestyle. However, there is only so much one can do in such jobs while traveling. Obviously, one cannot be a perennial tourist. Traveling does come with its responsibilities.

7. Air Force careers also ensure financial security after retirement. One would always be taken care of financially by the government, for as long as one lives.

8. Air Force careers also help one to stay fit and healthy. Indulging in physical activity all the time, the training and the disciplined lifestyle ensure that one remains healthy and fit. It is a great reward, especially in this era when there are more obese people than healthy ones.

Cons of the Air Force

1. Getting into the Air Force is not easy. The physical training and requisites, the medicals and several other attributes required make it hard for anyone to get in. Thus, not everyone will get into the Air Force.

2. Air Force careers can make people homesick. Being away from home for months, possibly years, can be very disappointing for many.

3. Air Force has a bond that compels you to be in service for a minimum period of time. You cannot quit until you have given the stipulated number of years to the Force.

4. Air Force jobs come with risks of casualty. While being on the ground and away from war zones can make this risk negligible, yet overseas deputations and times of conflict can exponentially increase the risks of death.

5. Not all Air Force jobs are glamorous. Some jobs can be just as boring as ordinary jobs, such as those sitting in the back offices crunching numbers or just being in facilitating or support functions. However, one can still take pride in the fact that one has contributed to the security and welfare of the country.