13 Crucial Pros and Cons of Granite Countertops

13 Crucial Pros and Cons of Granite Countertops

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Countertops are integral to a kitchen. Some homes have more than just kitchen countertops. Different kinds of materials are used as countertops for cabinets, tables and different types of furniture or fixtures depending on their intended purpose. Granite is arguably the most popular choice among all materials for countertops. Realtors advertise granite countertops to attract more potential buyers for their properties. Families specifically check out the type of countertops a property has. Those who are developing or building their homes, remodeling their kitchens or revamping the entire property, often opt for granite countertops.

Is granite the best material for your countertops? It probably is. Is there nothing that you have to be conscious of or be worried about granite countertops? Well, there are some concerns.

Pros of Granite Countertops

1. Granite is beautiful. You can visit a store or check out some shades of granite online. The visual appeal will certainly please you. Granite countertops have the power to enhance the appearance of a kitchen or any space where it is used. Granite countertops can become the centerpiece in a given area. It can be the crux of a conversation and can often be the difference between an ordinary kitchen and a great kitchen. There are more than twenty shades of granite and that offers you enough choice. It is unlikely that you wouldn’t like any shade of granite or that none of them would suit your kitchen or your home.

2. Along with its visual splendor, granite is also a very strong and durable material. It is almost unbreakable, certainly by families who would use the countertops for normal chores. Granite will last forever. You don’t have to question or even wonder about the return on your investment. Also, granite doesn’t depreciate. Neither would its value go down over time nor would it age like other features in your kitchen.

3. Granite countertops require almost no maintenance. Wiping them with a bit of water and using a mild detergent at times is all you need to do. Granite is nonporous and it is not vulnerable to stains. You can spill any hard stain or any rigid substance and granite countertops would still be easy to clean.

4. Granite countertops can take the heat of your frying pan or anything hot that you wish to or have to place on it. Granite is strong enough to take any kind of load that you would typically handle in a kitchen and it can take copious degrees of heat.

5. Granite countertops are extremely hygienic. The natural stone is nonporous and thus not vulnerable to moisture buildup. The stone also doesn’t allow any bacterial growth. Owing to the nature of its composition and surface, you wouldn’t have any kind of contamination on the countertop. This is an amazing benefit of granite countertops.

6. Granite countertops will not get scratched or be dented by any of your knives, even if you are operating your sharpest knife to cut something directly on the countertop. Granite is immune to almost all sharp objects that you might use atop the countertop. Obviously you cannot use a drill on the stone just to challenge this point.

7. Homes with granite countertops enjoy better valuation. If you intend to sell a home and you have granite countertops, it can certainly add some value on top of your property’s resale price.

Cons of Granite Countertops

1. Granite countertops are not without their share of disadvantages. The first major problem is the price. Not only is granite expensive, the installation costs too would be very high. There aren’t many experts of granite countertop installers and those that are there charge quite handsomely. Many homeowners shy away from granite countertops just for this reason.

2. Granite countertops are very difficult to install and if installed wrongly then you stand to make a huge loss. Wrongly sealed installations, poor choice of sealant, sealing the slabs with preexisting stains and many other flaws can become quite expensive to deal with.

3. Granite countertops are very hard to get rid of. Once installed, you cannot do away with it if you don’t like it in the near or distant future. To get rid of it, you may have to redo the counter, the shelves, platform or cabinet. Removing granite from atop any surface will almost always damage the fixture beneath.

4. Granite countertops can damage knives. Don’t operate knives on such counters.

5. Granite countertops can crack if a very sharp and hard object crash lands on it. The countertop would not break but there would be an unpleasant crack which cannot be remedied. Don’t use meat cleavers or anything that’s heavy and sharp with considerable thrust on granite countertops.

6. Granite is heavy and the structure beneath or the foundation has to be strong to be able to support the weight. Lightweight fixtures or counters are not ideal for granite.