11 Major Pros and Cons of Hair Extensions

11 Major Pros and Cons of Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions are very popular right now. They are more popular than ever as a matter of fact. What was once reserved for only monied people or celebrities are now available to anyone that wants them. Everyone is wearing hair extensions.

There are good points to wearing hair extensions and bad points. Of course everything in moderation including hair extensions is best. There are several variables that effect whether hair extensions are right for your hair.

For some people wearing hair extensions is fine and they never have an issue but if your hair is not in the best condition than hair extensions may not be the best choice for your hair. There are other variables that effect whether hair extensions are a good choice or not.

The pros and cons vary according to what you are willing to sacrifice to have great hair!

The Pros

1. Taking a look at the pros is a nice place to start. Hair extensions offer you a way to lengthen, thicken and easily change up your hairstyle without having to wait months to grow your hair out. Hair extensions can be a temporary fix to a bad hair cut!

2. There are good extensions out there when applied correctly can easily last for three or more months which will allow your hair the time that it needs to grow out. The more you pay for the hair the more durable it will be. In most cases the best hair is natural hair.

3. Hair extensions of good quality are great because you can dye them, cut them, curl them basically do anything that you would do to your own natural hair. Of course this helps the extensions to look as natural as possible.

4. The most prominent benefit of using hair extensions is that you can get the look that you feel most comfortable with and that you want. In cases where you can not grow hair or where your hair has broken off to a short length extensions can be the answer to making you feel more confident about your look.

5. The right application of hair extensions should enhance your hair and not cause any damage. To fully enjoy your hair extensions it is important that you have the extensions applied correctly. With proper application the cons are much more obvious!

The Cons

1. There are only a few cons that can be controlled with the right materials and he right application. When the hair extensions are applied correctly and they are of good quality you can easily avoid the cons that are often associated with hair extensions.

2. Most of the issues with hair extensions start with low quality hair. Low quality synthetic hair can burn when styling with heat. Not actually light up in fire but melt from the heat. Low quality hair can be hard to work with and does not hold up well. High quality hair can last for months low quality hair may not last a week. Of course you will pay a lot more money for great hair extensions but those in the know would argue that paying more is very important if you expect your hair extensions to last.

3. The next biggest con with hair extensions is the way that they are applied. A knowledgeable hair dresser will be able to apply your hair extensions without damaging your natural hair but an inexperienced hair dresser can actually damage your hair.

4. One of the biggest cons is the damage that can be done to your natural hair. One of the key things to avoid are hair extensions that are heavier weight than your own hair. This can cause your hair to break. Extensions that weigh more than your natural hair can cause other damage like splitting. Your scalp may also be effected by the weight of the hair extensions.

5. While your scalp can put up with a lot of stress and it is used to dealing with the weight of your own hair,it typically has time to get used to the weight of your natural hair over months. Adding extensions all at once can put undue stress on your scalp and cause issues with your scalp. Your scalp may become itchy and irritated from suddenly stretching.

Having a knowledgeable hair dresser choose a variety of weights can help to alleviate some of the stress that you put on your hair.

6. Application options can also cause damage to your hair if not done correctly. Braiding that is done to tightly can cause hair breakage at the root. Fusion can cause damage from heat. Ultimately it comes down to the ability of the hair dresser and the type of hair that is used. Human hair and a good hair dresser is very important in preserving your natural hair and enjoying all the pros that hair extensions have to offer.