11 Major Pros and Cons of Cork Flooring

11 Major Pros and Cons of Cork Flooring

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For some homes, cork flooring can provide a wealth of form and function benefits. However, for other homes, the last thing in the world you want to do is add something like cork flooring. In terms of significant changes to your home, cork flooring is an option that is at least worth exploring. However, as is the case with any major home improvement project, you want to weigh the pros and cons carefully.

When it comes to cork flooring pros and cons, you definitely want to do your research. Given the work and cost involved, you definitely don’t want to spend a whole bunch of money on something that is going to ultimately prove to be a poor addition to your home.

A Look At Cork Flooring

Cork flooring can indeed work in a variety of different homes. However, some people misinterpret this fact to mean that cork flooring will work in all types of homes. This is simply not true. The benefits of cork flooring are not universal. For example, cork flooring is notable for being comfortable, as well as for being extremely easy to clean. These are significant cork flooring benefits, but they are not benefits you can apply to all homes.

Is cork flooring right for your home? You can only answer this question by considering the pros and cons of cork flooring carefully.

In order to truly appreciate the pros and cons of cork flooring, you are first going to want to understand everything that serves to define cork flooring. There are several unique characteristics to this type of flooring material. As you learn the various good and bad points of this product, you will become increasingly familiar with how one defines cork flooring.

The pros of cork flooring are definitely significant, which is perhaps why so many people consider having this type of flooring installed in their home. If you research the pros of cork flooring, you’re going to come across the following considerations:


1. The comfort factor: It’s worth mentioning again that cork flooring represents one of the most comfortable flooring options to be found anywhere. Walk along a cork floor in your bare feet sometime, if the opportunity presents itself. You’ve never walked across a floor that feels so good against your feet.

2. Easy to care for: Cork flooring comes with a considerable durability factor to consider. This durability factor is made even more appealing by the fact that you don’t have to work particularly hard at keeping it clean. Cork floor maintenance is extremely straightforward.

3. Do you have children? Because cork flooring is so soft, and therefore, so safe, people love it for any room in which their children are going to be spending a good deal of their time. If you happen to live with someone who is elderly, you can be certain that cork flooring will protect them in the event of a fall, as well.

4. The insulation factor: Millions and millions of small air chambers make up cork floors. These chambers work to a fantastic degree as barriers against sound. This means that if you have a room that features a cork floor, the room is going to be extremely well-insulated against the sounds in that room traveling to other rooms of the house. Cork is also a proven material for cutting down on your monthly heating/cooling expenses.

5. It’s easy to refinish: You can refinish cork flooring several times, over the course of its lengthy lifespan. This work is fairly easy.

6. It’s extremely hypoallergenic: Cork flooring is fantastic at eliminating dust and other unhealthy particles in your home.

7. It is green friendly: In the world of green-friendly flooring, cork flooring is pretty high up on the list of good materials.

These are some of the pros of cork flooring. What about the cons?


1. Cork is easy to scratch: If you’re someone who wants a flawless floor for years to come, you may want to look elsewhere. Cork is known for being pretty easy to scratch up over time.

2. Cork is easy to damage: This is one of the softest flooring types to be found anywhere. However, it is because of this that cork flooring is a little easier to damage than other types of flooring materials. Again, consider very carefully whether or not you’re going to have a problem with marks and scratches accumulating over time.

3. Cork is easy to dent: This ties into the other two negative points about cork flooring. While cork flooring is indeed very easy to take care of, you can only do but so much to take care of it. Scratches, marks, dents, and other things are an inevitable component to having cork flooring in your home.

4. Water damage: Even with a seal, cork flooring is susceptible to water damage.