Essential Pros and Cons of Living in Australia

11 Essential Pros and Cons of Living in Australia

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Living in Australia has a lot of good points but there are some bad points as well. Not everything is grand when you live in Australia. The pros and cons of living in Australia can help you to decide if it is a place that you want to live.

Australia is one of the most diverse places on earth. It offers a full range of activities for anyone that loves the outdoors. It also has a slew of cultural opportunities available. Taking a look at the list of pros and cons can give you a better idea of what Australia has to offer and what some of the draw backs are.

Pros of Living in Australia

Australia is a vibrant country that has something to offer everyone. It has beautiful landscapes and beaches there is big city life and countryside living.

1. The Beaches
Australia is well known around the globe for having some of the most beautiful beaches. It is a surfers dream to live in Australia. It is simply a beautiful place to live but not the only pro to living in Australia.

2. Cheaper Prescriptions
You can find cheaper prescription medications in Australia than you can in many other Western countries.

3. The Food
Sushi is very available and very cheap! Most of the food is very fresh and inexpensive. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from, even in the smallest of towns there are chicken shacks where you can grab a bite to eat. Speaking of restaurants, in Australia you are not obliged to leave a tip for service but the cost of food in restaurants does reflect the higher wages that the staff is paid.

4. Relaxed Atmosphere
Australia is well known for its laid back attitude. Political correctness is not a huge movement, people just say what they want and live how they see fit. Not a lot of judgment of other people here. Everyone is friendly and outgoing and the communities are very welcoming to newcomers.

5. Housing
Housing is abundant in Australia. The cost of the housing in Australia largely is relative to where you want to live for example an apartment in Sydney is likely more expensive than a house rental in a smaller town on the outskirts of Sydney.

6. Security
Australia has a relatively low crime rate. People feel save in Australia because there is a lot of effort by the government to maintaining a certain standard of living for its residents.

Australia has a good public transport system, there are trains, trams and buses that are reliable in most cities. Of course in the smaller towns transportation is spotty.

7. Purchases
You do need to have cash in Australia but there are no pennies to deal with and the price that you see is the price that you pay. Taxes are all ready built into the price.

Cons of Living in Australia

Living in Australia is a great opportunity but there are some down sides to living there.

1. The Expense
It is more expensive to live in Australia than say live in America but on the upside of the cost of living is the fact that minimum wage is roughly about twice of what it is in the US. Petrol is more expensive. Taxes are higher but the standard of living is better. It is really a trade off. Owning a car in Australia can get very expensive. Housing is more expensive and the laws favor the sellers in Australia so purchasing property should be done with caution.

2.Movies and Other Entertainment
There is a staggered release of the newest films/music in Australia so you are always a little bit behind. Technology seems to be on a lag as well. It may be that laid back attitude that keeps people from demanding more up to date technology.

3. Schools
Private schools in Australia are very expensive they can cost as much as $25000 AUD per year. They are also very competitive and may be difficult for someone without residency in Australia to afford and even get in.

4. Transportation
Transportation in the cities like Melbourne is great, outside the cities it can be spotty at best or non existent and considering that owning your own transportation can be very expensive it can be difficult to navigate outside the cities.


Australia is a great place to live. The standard of living is high. If you have the right job opportunity than living in Australia is a great opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. There are ways to cut costs and live comfortably even if your income is not that high but you do have to work at it especially if you are an ex pat coming from a place where the cost of living is not that as high.