10 Essential Pros and Cons of Oil Energy

10 Essential Pros and Cons of Oil Energy

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Regardless of how you feel about oil energy, there is no question that it is something that most of us very much take for granted. Whether you feel that we should continue to explore the potential or and utilize oil energy, or if you feel that continued dependence on oil energy is leading us down a catastrophic path, it is probable that you take its existence for granted.

For this reason alone, it may not be a bad idea by any means to reacquaint yourself with the definition of oil energy. If you are going to weigh oil energy pros and cons, whether for the first time, or to see how your current opinion stands up to a fresh appraisal of the facts, you are going to want to understand at least a basic idea of what oil energy is.

Even if you feel as though you have a pretty good grip on the subject, it would not be a bad idea by any means to look over the basic facts one more time.

Oil Energy Pros

The pros of oil energy can become at least partially clear to you through the simple act of filling up your car or other vehicle. Nonetheless, it is a good idea to take a broad view of oil energy pros:

1. Oil Energy Is Abundant Energy.
There is no question that even with the cold, hard fact that oil energy represents a non-renewable energy source, there is still a great deal of oil to go around. Oil energy is very certainly in significant supply.

2. Oil Energy Is Easy To Use.
From the process involved in creating oil energy, to the role we play in being able to enjoy the benefits of oil energy, there is no question that oil energy is one of the easiest to use energy options currently available to us. The fact that oil energy is so ingrained within our culture just makes it even easier to take advantage of.

3. Oil Energy Stimulates Job Growth.
Simply put, the economic benefits of oil energy are great. This doesn’t even take into account the people who rely on oil energy to get to/do their jobs. This particular point refers to people who maintain gainful employment, due to our need for vast amounts of oil energy at all times.

4. Oil Energy Doesn’t Demand New Technology.
At this point, the process of harvesting and creating oil energy is firmly in place. It is remarkably straightforward, and this isn’t something that is likely to change anytime soon.

5. Oil Energy Allows Vehicles To Function At Their Best.
There is no question that vehicles can utilize alternative forms of energy. However, oil energy remains the fastest and strongest fuel form for vehicles in existence.

Oil Energy Cons

The above benefits are certainly attractive ones. However, any serious discussion of oil energy must take into account the varied and quite serious consequences of continuing to rely on it to such a great degree:

1. Carbon Dioxide Emissions.
These emissions can cause health problems in individuals, in addition to various consequences to the health of the planet as a whole.

2. It Is Non-Renewable.
This is a fact that must be mentioned time and time again. Oil energy is non-renewable. When it’s gone, that’s it.

3. Drilling Disasters And Other Tragedies.
By now, we are familiar with the wide variety of problems that can spring from oil spills.

4. Environmental Concerns.
Getting oil energy cause a plethora of serious environmental problems.

5. It Is Expensive.
We all understand that oil energy represents extremely expensive energy.

What Is Oil Energy

Oil energy refers to a type of energy that comes from non-renewable fossil fuels. These fuels are created through the process of heat and pressure compressing the remains of prehistoric botanical life, creatures, and even sea animals. This process occurs under seas and lakes, and it can take millions upon millions of years.

From massive underground pockets and/or oil wells, oil is taken from the earth. Once this has been achieved, it will go through a process of being distilled. Eventually, it will become something that can be found in gas stations and other spots across the world. People use it to power their vehicles, which all on its own is one of the most crucial backbones to the current health of our current global economy. Obviously, if oil energy was to suddenly and unexpectedly disappear tomorrow, the results would be devastating on a level we can scarcely imagine. Even with alternative energy sources, to suddenly find ourselves without the ability to harness and utilize oil energy would be a disaster. This is one of the main reasons as to why the social/political power behind oil energy discussions is so immense.

And if you want to join in those discussions, you are going to want to look over oil energy pros and cons in considerably greater detail.