Alcoholism and Verbal Abuse

Alcoholism and Verbal Abuse

Most of the time, alcoholism and verbal abuse always come together. There are several cases that people are verbally abused by alcoholic people. Due to the fact that alcoholic people have inappropriate behaviour, they say abusive words and don’t care…

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Aversion Therapy for Alcoholism

Aversion Therapy for Alcoholism

There are instances that people might be sent to rehabilitation due to alcoholism. Typically, they are being engaged into several therapies including Aversion therapy. This kind of therapy is designed for alcoholism and is one of the most essential treatments…

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Alcoholism Hereditary Statistics

Alcoholism Hereditary Statistics

According to many scientific evidence, alcoholism and heredity are linked. However, the real gene that causes it must be identified. Even in studies related to laboratory animals, it has been reported that the genetic factors play a crucial role in…

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Alcoholism Nature vs Nurture

Alcoholism Nature vs Nurture

There are many people who drink too much alcohol, those who cannot control and or limit the amount of alcohol that they will drink. There are many reasons why some people are kept on drinking alcohol, such as some use…

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Do Cigarettes Kill Brain Cells

Do Cigarettes Kill Brain Cells

Cigarette smoking is very harmful to humans. It is because the ingredients of cigarettes can destroy the overall health of a person. According to the study of science, cigarettes contain chemicals like pesticides and insecticides and its main ingredient is…

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Best Ways to Quit Chewing Tobacco

Best Ways to Quit Chewing Tobacco

Chewing tobacco is one of the most addicting habits that a person might commit while suffering from several kinds of personal problems in life. According to some individuals, it is a very good solution for stress and personal problems. However,…

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Does Chewing Tobacco Cause Cancer

Does Chewing Tobacco Cause Cancer

The snuff, chew and dip and other kinds of tobacco has the ability to cause cancer to a certain individual. Most people that make use of tobacco have a great chance to have oral cancer. There are individual who thinks…

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21 Funny Chili Names

Having a chili cook off is an annual event for many southerners. Competing against your fellow neighborhood chefs with their beef and beans is just one way to earn yourself some bragging rights. Here are some funny chili names that…

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23 Best Tennis Team Names

Having a fun tennis team name is just one way to bring some humor and fun to a game of competition. Here are some great tennis team name examples from other existing teams to get you jump started. Alley Cats…

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22 Funny Sand Volleyball Team Names

Having a great volleyball team name is just one way to bring the fun to the game. Boost you team morale with some great wit and funny sand volleyball team names inspired by one of these great examples below. All…

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17 Best Military Squad Names

When it comes to fierce competition among military squads, finding a name that suits your intent is a great way to raise the levels of competition. Here are some great examples of military squad names that have been used by…

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28 Best Youth Baseball Team Names

Little League has evolved from a community oriented volunteer youth sports program to a competitive sport in many neighborhoods. Youth baseball is a great way to bring children together that are enthused about this sport. Your youth baseball team name…

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40 Funny Mud Run Team Names

One of the best parts of participating in a mud run, is to go in together as a team. Coming up with a mud run team name that captures the personality of its members is just one way to set…

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25 Funny Golf Team Names

Whether you are playing fantasy golf or are sitting on the green with your buddies, having a team name that plays on the words and terms in golf is a great place to start. Here is a look at some…

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40 Funny Dodgeball Team Names

Dodgeball is a popular sport among middle and high school students, even reaching as far upwards to college level play. With some organized recreational leagues to participate in, you may find yourself wanting to start your own team. Here is…

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21 Cool Club Names

Clubs are a great way to bring together like minded individuals for some recreational activities they can do together. If you want to create your own unique club identity, check out this list of cool club names to get you…

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27 Cool Baseball Team Names

Whether you are minor league or just a local team getting together for the love of the game, here are some cool baseball team names you can use to help define your identity. These are meant to inspire you to…

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